Believe it or not, that's me in the above picture. I'm Tom and I'm the proud creator of Date a Gamer and our other gamer-related spin-off sites. I'm 22 years old and I'm a MASSIVE Gamer Geek.

When I decided in the beginning of 2012 to give online dating a go, I realised to my horror that there were no dating sites dedicated to matchmaking gamers! There and then I decided to venture into the exciting world of virtual dating and created Date a Gamer.

Since creating DaG it has become the UK's biggest destination for single gamers and geeks with nearly 300,000 users. A mind blowing statistic that keeps going up. I've also established our first spin-off site Shag a Gamer (for geeks not seeking relationships, but instead want to find a gamer to have sex with.)

I'm a Gamer through and through and I'm committed to making these sites the best they possibly can be. I'm always reviewing user experience, looking at new ways to communicate to the Gamer audience and most importantly keeping these sites as the best and the biggest destination for dating gamers.

Our sites aren't a faceless corporation and I'm very much just another gamer, like you. You can add us on Twitter, you can follow us on Dailymotion, you can even subscribe to my personal Facebook if you want! I'm very hands on with the Gamer sites and I'm here for the long run.

Since launching the sites I have been fortunate enough to get some amazing coverage in some of the coolest publications in the gaming media. This has been great for me to spread my message to gamers all over and let them know about my dating sites created especially for them. Every now and then (like any site) we get the occasional article which is untrue. If this happens I'll address it through Twitter. Social media is awesome!

All our gamer dating sites have genuine users who are moderated by an in-house team around the clock. All members have access to a free phone, UK-based customer support team who can help you with any query you may have. We are 100% here for you and will get you ready and pumped whether it's for your first date or your tenth shag.

If you guys ever have any suggestions or you want to see something on the sites that we don't have - let me know! With your help I can work to make the sites even bigger and better than they already are. My sites have helped match thousands of single gamers together and find dates and I hope we can carry on doing this for a very long time. But when you're not dating gamers you can add me on Xbox @MoodyTommy. You'll either find me on MW2 or offline on Skyrim. But when Halo 4 comes out later this year, I'll be on there!

The best of luck with your online dating,

Tom and the DaG/SaG Team